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The Admission Brochure of Foreign Students


   Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology is located in Weifang City of Shandong Province, which is well-known for the International Kite Capital. Shandong is in the east of China. It is one of the most well-developed coastal areas. Honest people, famous literati and splendid culture have been fostered with long history as well as the geographical environment of the province, such as Mountain Tai, Yellow River and the ocean. It is the birthplace of Qi-lu culture, which is the mainstream of Chinese traditional cultures. Confucius, a great master who had significant influence on Chinese culture, Sun Zi, a strategist, with his work Master Suns Art of War, and Wang Xizhi, a great calligrapher were born here. Qufu, as the hometown of Confucius, and Mountain Tai are listed as World Culture Heritage and World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. Shandong has been the window for the international friends to get to know China with its wonderful scenery and sites.

   Shandong has a temperate seasonal climate, with an annual average temperature of 11-14 and a mean annual precipitation of 550-590mm. Traffic here is well-developed with a lot of expressways, railways, airports and harbors. It is a promising place for international capital.

   Weifang, located in the middle of Shandong Province, is a coastal city with a long history. It is the transportation hub along the Ji-Qing expressway and the railway. With mountain area to the south, coast area to the north and flat area in the middle, Weifang is the largest base for the ocean chemical industry and the export of vegetables and meat. Weifang has a population of about 9.357 million. Qingzhou, which is attached to Weifang, was one of the Chinese nine presectures in ancient times and had been the administration center of Shandong for quite a long period. Weifang is famous for its ancient culture and folk customs owing to its history development. People will enjoy Mountain Yi, salt pans, dinosaur fossils, tombs, the paper-cutting art, new years paintings and the tourist routes. Besides, Weifang has been well-known for its kites. It is the world kite capital, and thousands of foreigners come to experience the annual International Kite Festival. A tour for culture experience, friendship and business is under development as the characteristics of Weifang is flourishing.



   Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology, a provincial state-run and full-time college, was founded in 1978. It is one of the hundred national demonstration college. The college focuses on the training of entrepreneurial talents, takes entrepreneurship, profession, business as education philosophy, and proposes the value of to develop yourself, to start a business and the school-running model of job-market-teaching-based and entrepreneurial-oriented. It is a comprehensive higher vocational college with engineering-based, together with humanities and economics. Currently, we have two campuses, which are Fuyan Moutain Campus and Binhai Campus. 16,000 full-time students are studying in the college. The education covers 48 majors, such as textile and garment, applied foreign languages, economic management, machinery, construction, biology and chemical, information, aquaculture, media arts, automobile, and 4 majors of 3+2 cooperative programs with Universities.

   As the window to outside world, International Exchange and Cooperation Department consists of 3 sections, which are section of teaching, section of overseas affairs and section of International exchange. We are responsible for sino-foreign cooperative education programs, foreign students, overseas studying and employment, exchange of teachers and students, introduction of foreign teachers, receptions and propaganda work of foreign activities.

   Friendly and cooperative relations with 126 universities or colleges of 17 countries have been established in respects of teachers and students exchange, mutual recognition of credit, cooperative education programs and scientific research development. 289 person-times were invited to teach from America, Britain, etc., and the quality of education has been improved.

   The effort to cultivate international talents has been made. Three majors are carried out with Fachhochschule Nordhessen of Germany, which are electric automatization, logistics management and automobile inspection and maintenance, and one major is with Yeungnam University of Korea, which is Construction Engineering Technology. Nearly 200 students are studying now. The training are featured by core curriculum being with international standards and mutual recognition of credit with friendly universities. We also proposed the training model of language & specialty for foreign students. They can apply for 40 majors, such as economic management, mechanical manufacture, textile, biochemical engineering, construction, etc. Over 600 short-term foreign students and 700 long-term students have been here for education from 24 countries, Korea, Ukraine and Uganda included.

   Great importance to students development is attached. Several training bases were set up, such as Shandong Sunshine Overseas Studying Preparatory Education Experimental Base, Overseas Labor Training Base. Overseas Studying Green Channelwas also established, and over 700 elite students were sent to further their education in Germany, Russia, Korea, etc, over 300 graduates were sent to work in Singapore, Japan, Korea, etc, and the employment is getting promoted.

   International technical skill service is under development. The Sino-Africa International Talents Training Base in our college is to train highly skilled talents for Africa. International programs attract our focus, too. We also have training programs for countries along The Belt and Road to support national strategy.



International Exchange and Cooperation Department

Electric Automationcooperative program with university of Germany

Logistics Management(cooperative program with University of Germany)

Construction Engineering Technology (cooperative program with University of Korea)

Chinese Language and Literature

Short-term Common Chinese

Short-term Chinese Culture

School of Electro-mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics(undergraduate program)

Applied Electronic Technology


Industrial Robot Technology 

Electric Automation

Equipment Maintenance

School of Mechanical Engineering

Machinery Design and Manufacture

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation (undergraduate program)

 Numerical Control

Die design and Manufacture

School of Economic Management

Business Management

International Economics and Trade

Enterprises Management

Accounting Computerization

Logistics Management

School of Constructional Engineering

Construction Engineering Technology (undergraduate program)

Construction Engineering Technology

Construction Engineering Management

Construction Decoration Engineering

Municipal Engineering

Surveying and Geographic Information Technology

School of Business Foreign Languages

Applied Korean

Business English

Business Japanese

Ophthalmology and Optometry

School of Textile and Garment

Modern Textile Technology

Textile Inspection and Trade

Clothing Design and Craft

Clothing Design

Clothing Design (undergraduate program)

Image Design


School of Information Engineering

Computer Application Technology

Computer Networking Technology

Computer Networking Technology (college-enterprise cooperative program)

Computer Application Technology (IT-service-and-management-oriented)

Software Technology

Software Technology (service-outsourcing-oriented)

Applied Electronic Technology

Software Technology (mobile-application-and-development-oriented)

 Application Technology of Internet of Things

Mobile Application and Development 

  School of Biochemical Engineering

Process of Polymer Material

Environment Engineering Technology

Applied Chemical Technology

Biotechnology and Application

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Engineering Analysis Technology

Industrial Analysis Technology

Food Quality and Safety


Animal Nutrition and Feed

Ophthalmology and Optometry

School of Arts and Media

Animation Production Technology

Design of Digital Media Arts

Design of Digital Media Application

School of Automobile Engineering

Automobile Inspection and Maintenance

Automobile Marketing and Service

Automotive Mount Technology

Automotive Mount Technology(college-enterprise cooperative program)

Automotive Electronic Technology



1.1 Admission Requirements

*Education above high school

*No refusal from China or illegal acts

*The final list of admitted students shall be decided by the application documents

1.2 Admission Date

 (1) We have spring and fall enrollment, or students can join a class in the middle of the course according to particular situations.

 (2) For short-term trainees, the date can be negotiated with the college.

1.3 Other necessary materials are listed in the following

 (1) the Application Form for Foreign Students

 (2) the resume of the applicant

 (3) the scanning copy and the photocopy of the diploma of high school or institution

 (4) the scanning copy of the applicants passport

 (5) the certificate of applicants No Criminal Activity (official seal affixed)

 (6) the medical examination report provided by local quarantine authorities

1. The applicant can contact us for the Application Form for Foreign Students and the resume form through fax, telephone or email.

2. Send the forms and other necessary materials to the email of International Exchange and Cooperation Department of the college.

3. After checking, the materials will be delivered to Shandong Education Department and Foreign Affairs Office, and we will apply for the visa application form for the foreign student (JW202 Form).

4. After their checking, we will get the visa application form for the foreign student (JW202 Form).

5. We will send the JW202 Form, the letter of admission and invitation letter to the applicants email.

6. The applicant will apply for the student visa through the consulate.

7. The student should register according to the date of admission letter, or the admission will be canceled. The student should contact us in advance if there is a special reason.


Address: International Exchange and Cooperation Department, Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology, NO.6388 at Xihuan Road, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China

Postcode: 261053

Tel: 86-0536-818-7734

Fax: 86-0536-828-5136







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